Chiropractic & ADHD – A case Study Testimonial

Chiropractic & ADHD – A case Study Testimonial

“When Kevin was 3 he was diagnosed as having ADHD. After trying diet changes, allergy testing and behavioural modification techniques, we reluctantly agreed to put Kevin on Ritalin. The medication did its job as far as slowing him down a bit, but he suffered many side-effects. In 2 years he grew only 2 inches and did not gain any weight at all. He cried easily, had trouble sleeping, no appetite, and would ‘zone out’ quite often. Finally at age 6 we made the decision to stop giving him Ritalin. He grew 6 inches in less than a year and gained nearly 15 pounds. His sleeping and eating patterns were still erratic, and the schoolwork was horrible . . . his handwriting illegible and math made no sense to him. We brought him for chiropractic care, twice a week for 6 weeks. This past week when I went to his parent-teacher conference, the first thing the teacher asked me was had we put Kevin back on Ritalin? I said no, and she showed me samples of Kevin’s work and showed me the sudden improvement . . . for the first time his writing is in the lines, it is easy to read and much more age appropriate. Although he still tends to move around more than the average child does, he is able to concentrate, answer questions correctly and is reading better than most of his class!”

Easter at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic



AT 10:30am

As many of you will know, Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic hold an Easter Egg Hunt every year, for our Patients, their friends and family, and raise money for a chosen charity.

The Easter Bunny will be here

We will be drawing our Easter Raffle

We will be judging our colouring competition!

Plymouth Raiders will be here with some Basketball fun!

Facepainting and Glitter Tattoos too!

All funds raised this year will be donated to:


Sense are a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind or have sensory impairments.

One of our Chiropractors Dr Wesley Trowse, will also be taking part in this year’s London Marathon to also raise money Sense.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by buying a raffle ticket at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic’s front desk, or complete the sponsorship form in our Seating area!

Thank you as always, for your continued support!

Chiropractic and Sporting Performance

Dr Tom Swingewood (Chiropractor) at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic has been working with The Plymouth Raiders Basketball team for the last 2 seasons. The Players are checked once a week, and when possible, before a game too. It is vital for all athletes to move properly. Having a Chiropractic adjustment before an event may help restore core function, muscular strength and functional flexibilty. In this video Dr Tom Swingewood (Chiropractor) and some of the players outline their experience of Chiropractic care supporting Athletic Performance.

Heart Health – How Chiropractic and Love day can help!


February is national heart month, with many organisations such as the British Heart Foundation trying to raise awareness in preventing heart disease.

Sowhat is a healthy heart? And how can I get one? Well the majority of us are all born with a healthy heart. The heart functions via a little node that tells the heart to constantly beat at a regular pace, generally around 70 beats per minute (bpm). But when we exercise, we require the heart to beat harder and faster, to pump more blood and oxygen around our body. This is done via our sympathetic nerves that originate from our Thoracic spine (our back). These nerves are “accelerators”. They speed things up, make our heart beat faster, and our body work harder. But when we stop exercising, our body needs to apply the “breaks”, and slow things down. This is done through our parasympathetic nerves that originate from the brain itself, and pass very close to the upper cervical spine (your neck), on their way to your heart.

Now if these nerves, the “break” and the “accelerator”, are not working and communicating, then your heart rate will not regulate as well. So when we challenge ourselves with exercise or change from sitting to standing, our heart does not respond as well.

How can Chiropractic help heart health?

Recent studies have shown that this control of the “break” and “accelerator” nerves, measured as heart rate variability (HRV), can be influenced and potentially improved through Chiropractic care. A recent paper published in 2014(1) showed improved HRV after Chiropractic neck adjustments, indicating better autonomic control of the heart. This confirmed earlier papers published in 2006(2) showing similar results. So seeing your Chiropractor can potentially help your hearts ability to respond to a change in activity or environment.

Other key factors affecting our heart health include
a balanced diet
getting good quality sleep
avoid smoking and
avoid drinking in excess.

Remember, your heart is a muscle, so use it or lose it. Even if you start walking just 10minutes a day, 5 days a week, you will have strengthened your heart. Do it! Poor diets stress out our body, asking it to digest and process complex foods (eg. processed foods and junk foods). Keep food simple, and keep it fresh and your body will more easily break it down into nutrients and waste. Sleep is extremely important in controlling stress levels as well, and allows our body to heal and regenerate. Get in a good habit with your sleeping times, keep the room dark and avoid the iPad and phone a few hours before bed. Remember, good habits take time to form.

Taking these simple measures can improve heart function and help prevent your heart health deteriorating. Don’t wait for your heart to tell you its unhealthy, take action now!

(1) Zhang J, Dean D, Nosco D, Strathopulos D, Floros M. Effect of chiropractic care on heart rate variability and pain in a multisite clinical study. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2006 May;29(4):267-74.

(2) Shafiq H, McGregor C, Murphy B. The impact of cervical manipulation on heart rate variability. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2014 Aug;2014:3406-9. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6944354.

Health Benefits of Green Smoothies


 10-day Green Smoothie Detox

Starting on Monday 19th January

The Team at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic will be spending the next week or two, encouraging patients to recognise the benefits a 10-day green smoothie cleanse may give.

A publication in ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ magazine suggests that the 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse is a detox programme that will help you lose weight, increase energy, reduce cravings and improve overall health. It will give your body the quality nutrition it needs while cleansing your cells and insides, and you will detoxify your body by eliminating certain foods for 10 days and reprogramme your taste buds to desire healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

To follow our progress, recipe ideas, to take part, or for more information follow us on Facebook by clicking the link below, or contact us directly by phone or email.

We will be offering visitors to our practice a small sample of the days smoothie, so if you’re passing pop in!


Day One: Berry Green

Smoothie 1 (2)


3 Handfuls of Spinach, 2 Cups of Water, 1 Apple (cored and quartered), 1 Mango, 1 cup of Strawberries, 1 Handful of Seedless Grapes. Fresh or Frozen

Optional Extras: 2 Tbsp Ground Flaxseeds, 1 Scoop Protein Powder.

Blend leafy greens and water until the mixture is a green juice-like consistency – and the remaining ingredients until creamy. ENJOY!

Children’s Christmas Party at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic

Christmas party

 Saturday 13th December

At 10:30 am



Entertainment with Emazdad – Children’s entertainer

Have your photo taken with Santa in our grotto – he may well have a gift for you too!

Charity Raffle!*

Mince Pies, Mulled Wine and other treats!

Colouring Competition!

Face Painting!

 Everyone Welcome!!


*If you or your business would like to donate a prize to this years raffle please speak to Adam.

All money raised this year will be donated to


The Movember Foundation challenges men to grow moustaches during Movember (formerly known as November), to spark conversation and raise vital funds for its men’s health programs.

This work is saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.


December Newsletter Article – Winter Months


As winter draws in we all tend to sit warm by the fire or huddle around the radiator. The nights grow shorter and the days colder and wetter. It is a survival instinct to use less energy in the winter but in years past we still moved whilst conserving energy; not so much anymore.

In the winter as a general rule people will exercise less and usually just hunker down, I am going to advise you to be smart about this year’s hibernation. As we move less our muscles become less conditioned but more crucially your joints will become less mobile, the ligaments become less elastic and the tendons shorter. This process is not painful, and does not happen overnight so most don’t give it a second thought, you will lose only a few percent of function every week, it is only a small amount but over a few months it does add up.

After the first warmer weekend of spring most manual therapy clinics; chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists will often have a surge of patients. Why is this? Well we tend to dive back into our outdoor activities after the winter without a second thought to the loss of conditioning and so the phones light up; I am going to encourage you not to be one of these spring casualties.

The answer is simple; movement. There are many different, smart ways to keep moving in these colder, shorter days. The perfect solution is to diligently walk every day at least 30 minutes but if it is blowing a gale, let’s be realistic, what can we do inside?  Pilates, yoga, simple stretching or body weight exercises are all fantastic, all can be done indoors and as long as you are careful you can start with just the aid of a DVD, a book or the web.

Chiropractic is a sure fire way to get moving. Chiropractic encourages joint movement, increases proprioception (muscle coordination) and facilitates your nervous system to react better to whatever stresses life throws at it. If you are unable to get regular exercise during these cold months or even if you can it is well worth a check up with your chiropractor. Think of your Chiropractic check up as a MOT and servicing for the winter, and  it will hopefully mean you will be moving better and feeling great come the spring.

Yours in health,

The Team at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic.

Article by Tom Swingewood, Doctor of Chiropractic.


Chiropractic Care can help Migraine Suffers


Given the fact that it was Migraine Awareness week 7th – 13th September, and that our principle Chiropractor, Dr Wayne Whittingham composed the first PhD in the world on Chiropractic for the treatment of Headaches, this month’s focus has been on Migraines!

You may or may not be aware that migraine is not just a headache, it can be relentless; an intense pounding and throbbing pain that can steal your energy and ability to function.

Migraine is the most common neurological condition affecting people of all ages, social classes, races and culture.

During Migraine Awareness Week, the United Chiropractic Association highlighted the benefits of Chiropractic care in both the prevention and treatment of migraine headache.  Migraine is often managed by medication but some patients do not tolerate acute and or prophylactic medicine, whilst other people may wish to avoid medication all together, Chiropractic is an alternative that should be considered.

 A clinical trial (*1) in Australia found that 75% of migraine sufferers experienced either ‘substantial’ or ‘noticeable’ improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment. 

One of the authors of the research, Dr Peter Tuchin said

Around 22% (of patients) had substantial reduction which means that more than 60% of their symptoms reduced during the course of the treatment” 

 “What makes this a really strong result is that this was a chronic group – the average length of time they’d had migraines was 18 years.  To get a change of that sort of magnitude in a really chronic group was amazing”

Chiropractic treatment appears to affect the changes in the function of the blood or nervous system in specific areas of the brain and chemical balances within the body have been related to the cause of migraine attacks.

The cervical spine (the neck) is designed to have a C-shaped curve (known as lordosis).  This design serves a specific purpose as the neck is responsible for bearing the considerable weight of the head.

A subluxation, or misalignment, in the neck can irritate the nerves that travel between the brain and the spine.

Such a misalignment can interfere with the normal workings of the central nervous system and leave the body vulnerable to chemical imbalances in the brain.

Migraine triggers vary but can include:

Periods of stress

Foods (Such as chocolate, caffeine, processed meats, cheese, nuts, wine and many more)

Poor sleep


Hormonal changes (E.g. menstrual cycle)

For most people there is not just one trigger but a combination of factors which individually can be tolerated but when they all occur together a threshold is passed and a migraine is triggered.

Chiropractic treatment can help with many contributory factors and after effects including relieve of restriction in movement of the neck, muscle tension in the neck, upper back and shoulders and helping correct any postural issues that may influence the occurrence of both migraine and tension headaches.

Chiropractors can also offer advice on lifestyle issues, exercise, nutrition and managing stress.

* (1) J Headache Pain. 2011(Apr); 12(2):127-133 – Manual Therapies for Migraine: A Systematic Review


How to Relieve Emotional Stress and Achieve Emotional Presence (Plymouth, 2014)

Richard Moat Logo

Saturday, 20 September 2014 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Holiday Inn, Armada Way, Plymouth.

How to Relieve Emotional Stress and Achieve Emotional Presence…

by De-coding the Hidden Meaning in Unwanted Physical Symptoms, Unfulfilling Relationships and Uncomfortable Life Circumstances

New Bench in Memory of Kenn & Elisabeth Whittingham

image (3)

Bench and Article by Andy Blackwell

Every now and then, as an artist, you get a commission that has an extra level of poignancy, a special resonance. When my very good friend Wayne Whittingham asked me to make a memorial bench to commemorate his late mother Elisabeth I was both flattered and a little daunted. The bench was to sit in the gardens of Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic, an institution that she founded with her husband Kenn over 40 years ago, the very first in the city.

I met the Whittinghams when I was 13 years old and remember the glamorous Elisabeth behind the wheel of a white Stag convertible, blonde hair and sun glasses, her friend Marie sat up front beside her and five kids in the back, on our way out to Mothecombe beach. My first encounter with Yvonne, eldest daughter, herself now a Chiropractor in Sweden. She claims I was her first boyfriend, a relationship that existed in her mind rather than in reality. Truth was, I fancied her, I just didn’t think I could handle her, she was a force of nature like her mother.

I encountered Elisabeth again as an adult, as a Social Worker, looking for residential home placements. Her home just off Thorn Park was definitely one of the good ones. Her innate sense of family, her determination to ensure quality for those she cared for was not executed from an office far off but administered on the front line, she lived and breathed it. Her funeral at a bulging Emmanuel Church in February 2012, a testament to the respect she was held in.


photo (1)

The bench, solid oak, with green oak legs and uprights, sawn, split, shaved and shaped, sourced at 7th Rise. My son Jake not only sharing the considerable physical effort but also offering me guidance as he acquires this suite of wonderful new skills. As we installed it on a bumpy, uneven paved surface, adjusting and tweaking each leg, Wayne insisted that we fix it to the ground. The next day, having failed to source stainless steel brackets from either DIY store or chandlers, my dad Tony recovered a set from his archive of ‘things that will come in handy’. He and I secured it in place, he as Wayne reminded me, had made Wayne’s first skate deck. Family. Connection. The bench resonates like a German glockenspiel, a fitting tribute to a fine German woman.


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