Chiropractic Talks

When considering a visit to a Chiropractor, you may wish to attend one of our health care talks. Please call reception to find out more: 01752 770131

We ask that all New Patients attend a Health Care Talk as soon as possible. Those who have attended a talk tend to respond better to Chiropractic care, as they have a greater understanding of what happens to the body when having Chiropractic adjustments.

The talks are run every week, last approximately 30 minutes (with the opportunity to ask questions at the end) and provide information on looking after your health through Chiropractic.

You do not have to be a current practice member to attend, and partners and children are welcome.

Dates and times are subject to change, so it is important that you contact us if you would like to attend.

Talk Times

There is one talk every week either around lunch time (12pm) or in the evening (6.30pm on-wards). Please call for more details and specific times, or to book your place (Booking is essential).