What To Expect


In our experience, patients respond better to their care if they know exactly what is going on with their health, and how Chiropractic adjustments may be able to help them.


This is why we will book New Patient’s in for 2 appointments.

On the first appointment we will conduct a full assessment to determine exactly what is going on.

The 2nd appointment (which can be as soon as the next day) is where you will be given the results of the assessment, our recommendations, and we will then guide you through your first Chiropractic adjustment.


We plan to exceed your expectations as a health care provider.


Our personalised service coupled with our friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere will make you feel comfortable and cared for from your first visit.


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Your Chiropractor will create an individual health plan for you.

Their aim is to encourage movement in to the problem areas in your spine, which may be causing interference to your nervous system, using a series of gentle Chiropractic adjustment techniques.

Your First Visit

Adults: £45     /     13 – 17 Year Olds: £25     /     12 and Under: £25

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•    A full health history is taken
•    Orthopaedic, Neurological and Chiropractic tests will be performed
•    A thermal scan or posture photos if required
•    Digital X-rays taken for evaluation are £75 for 2 images if required


Your Second Visit

Adults: £45     /     13 – 17 Year Old: £25     /     12 and Under: £25

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•    We provide an individual written report
•    Explain clearly and visually the findings from the tests and X-rays
•    Chiropractic is explained further and any other questions answered
•    An individual plan is recommended and you decide what course of action best suits your needs
•    A re-examination date is set for the future to repeat the tests and a report is given at this time to show your progress objectively


Further visits

Adults: £32     /     13 – 17 Year Old: £20     /     12 and Under: £17

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Each Chiropractic Adjustment builds on the one before.

Often one Chiropractic adjustment alone will not resolve the problems you present with, especially if the cause of the problem has been left unaddressed for a number of years.

Each Chiropractic Adjustment builds on the one before, and as your spine, muscles and ligaments start getting used to the correct alignment, or correct way of moving, your adjustments will start holding for longer.

Your Chiropractor will outline a recommended schedule of care, to correct and stabilise your complaint, and will guide you along the road to recovery.