chiropractic & ADHD- A case Study Testimonial

“When Kevin was 3 he was diagnosed as having ADHD. After trying diet changes, allergy testing and behavioural modification techniques, we reluctantly agreed to put Kevin on Ritalin. The medication did its job as far as slowing him down a bit, but he suffered many side-effects. In 2 years he grew only 2 inches and did not gain any weight at all. He cried easily, had trouble sleeping, no appetite, and would ‘zone out’ quite often. Finally at age 6 we made the decision to stop giving him Ritalin. He grew 6 inches in less than a year and gained nearly 15 pounds. His sleeping and eating patterns were still erratic, and the schoolwork was horrible . . . his handwriting illegible and math made no sense to him. We brought him for chiropractic care, twice a week for 6 weeks. This past week when I went to his parent-teacher conference, the first thing the teacher asked me was had we put Kevin back on Ritalin? I said no, and she showed me samples of Kevin’s work and showed me the sudden improvement . . . for the first time his writing is in the lines, it is easy to read and much more age appropriate. Although he still tends to move around more than the average child does, he is able to concentrate, answer questions correctly and is reading better than most of his class!