6 ways a chiropractor can help your bike ride!

The tour down under has just passed through Adelaide, and with it comes a wave of motivation to get fit and get active. For those of you getting back on the bike, or those that have been doing it a while, here are 6 ways a chiropractor can help your bike ride to keep you on the road!

Tip 1

  • Seat height, get it right! Your seat height will determine your leg position and ultimately your pedal power on the bike. A seat that is too low will reduce your power, and encourage smaller contractions of your muscles. Not taking a muscle through full contraction can lead to over-use and strain injuries.

Tip 2

  • Numbness down under? If you are getting numbness in your groin area, don’t ignore it! Try a seat with a hollow cut out, or slightly angle your current seat forward to take pressure off of the pudendal nerve. Sustained numbness can lead to long term issues such as erectile dysfunction, so for everyones sake, treat this seriously.

Tip 3

  • Wrists straight! Ideally your wrists should be in a neutral position. This means not bent to either side, or flexed forward or backward too far. Routinely changing your hand position will help, but focus on keeping a neutral position.

Tip 4

  • Buy a foam roller! This will become your new best friend. It will be great to release leg muscles such as your ITB, or quads before and after rides. It is also great for Thoracic extension mobility work

Tip 5

  • Learn to Chin Tuck. This exercise is fantastic for strengthening your neck flexors. When cycling, your neck extensor muscles are constantly engaged to keep your eye’s on the road in front. This can lead to a muscle imbalance and potential discomfort down to track. The chin tuck will stretch the extensor muscles (at the back), and strengthen the flexors at the front

Tip 6

  • See a Chiropractor! If you need further advice, or would like to get your spine checked than give us a call. At Parade Chiropractic, we can run through management plans, rehabilitation or help with your performance. Call today.