Back to School? 5 Chiropractic backpack tips for the kids!

It’s back to school for most children across the country now, so we thought it important to give you our top 5 Chiropractic backpack tips for the kids when wearing their school bag. Remember, children have growing body’s and spines, and the more we can look after them at a young age, the better they will be in the long term.

Below are 5 simple Chiropractic backpack tips just in case you’ve forgotten over the break.

Chiropractic backpack tip No.1

  • Only pack in your bag what you need. Carrying extra weight will become a drag as the day wears on. Try and be clinical with your decision making here!

Chiropractic backpack tip No.2

  • Pack the heaviest items closest to the spine (ie. the bottom and centre of the bag). Your lower spine and hips will manage the weight better, and it will keep the centre of gravity of the bag low and centred.

Chiropractic backpack tip No.3

  • Zip up! Make sure all zips are closed, as this makes your bag more stable and will keep items where they were packed.

Chiropractic backpack tip No.4

  • Use all straps especially waist and sternum straps. OK so older children might find this un-cool, but using both straps, plus your waist and sternum(chest) strap will distribute the weight evenly and avoid unnecessary weight on one shoulder.

Chiropractic backpack tip No.5

  • Don’t let the bag fall down below the hollow of the lower back. This create’s a lot of tension on the shoulders and pulls on the low back. Keep it up on the hips and shoulders