Neck Pain and Dizziness? Chiropractic can help

People often suffer with dizziness for years without realising their symptoms could be coming from their neck. Neck pain and dizziness, also known as ‘Cervicogenic dizziness or vertigo’ was first described in 1955.  It is defined as dizziness induced by changes in the position of the neck, or simply moving your neck and head.


What is the cause?

Injury to the deep tissues is believed to be the cause of cervicogenic dizziness, due to disturbances in the receptors responsible for balance. People with arthritis, poor posture, or inflammation associated with whiplash are especially susceptible to neck pain and dizziness.


What are the symptoms?

People can typically experience some or many of the following symptoms:

–  the ground is moving underneath you.

– you are swaying, rocking or being pulled to one side.

– a sensation of disorientation, haziness, or light-headedness.

– stiffness in the neck and headaches.

– visual changes, nausea or tinnitus.


What can I do?

The majority of patients with cervicogenic dizziness should have their neck properly assessed. Several studies have reported that approximately 75 percent of patients improve with conservative treatment, such as gentle mobilisation of the neck and exercise. Instruction in proper posture and use of the neck can also help minimise symptoms.

If you experience dizziness, consult your health care professional immediately, such as a Chiropractor. There are many other causes of dizziness which may present similarly to cervicogenic dizziness, and proper evaluation by a health professional will allow you to take the necessary steps toward your recovery.