Smart Phone Posture Causes ‘Text Neck Syndrome’

While you are sitting here reading this, have a think about your posture. Right now. At a guess, I would say you are slumped in a chair or leaning over a table whilst reading this, with your head tilted forward and shoulders curved. And, if you are using a mobile device to read this, you are probably even more stooped with your arms bent at your side. Am I right? This familiar posture is what has led to a new syndrome called Text Neck.


What is text neck?

“Text neck” has become a common catch cry recently, and Chiropractors are seeing more and more clients with this issue. While the name is new, the symptoms are simply related to the poor posture. Named by US chiropractor Dr Dean L. Fishman, the term is now used to describe a recurring strain injury caused by hunching over a smartphones for an extended period of time. Intense muscular pain in the neck, shoulders are common, due to the forward posture of your head, changing the natural curve of your neck. Over an extended period of time, this can cause strain to the muscles, ligaments and joints.


Young children and adolescents are getting text neck!

With the advent of smart phones, tablets and computers becoming an extension of our bodies, Chiropractors are seeing clients who are younger and younger with common neck pain. When your posture is in correct alignment, the load on your neck muscles is around 5.5kgs. With every one-inch forward drop in your head, the load on these muscles doubles. Texting or playing games on a mobile device like your smartphone can result in a load of up to 28kgs on your neck! Sufferers can also experience chronic headaches, TMJ (jaw) issues and shoulder problems.


Chiropractic can help

If you are suffering with any of these symptoms, give us a call or book online for an appointment. Chiropractors may be able to help with correcting your posture, addressing any muscle imbalances and giving advice. But above all, put the phone down for a while.