Other Therapies

Our gym area provides strength and conditioning training to help alongside your chiropractic adjustments.


Patients at the clinic will be given a diagnosis following a detailed examination with one of our friendly chiropractors,

who will explain what is wrong or not efficient and will start to put this right.


Then working together with our strength and conditioning coach Guy Brightman,

your treatment can be integrated into a full programme to avoid recurrence and enhance performance.


What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning training aims to improve sport performance and everyday life by helping stop injuries and increasing fitness.

The focus of Strength and Conditioning will vary according to your individual needs but can include:

strength and power work, speed, balance, plyometrics, flexibility and endurance training.

Strength and conditioning is an integral part in the development of maximising your movement.


Strength and Conditioning can help aid the following areas:







Injury prevention

Management and rehabilitation

Develop correct exercise skill or drill technique

Improved strength base

Improve sports specific movements and techniques

Improve physical conditioning